LEAK Finding and monitoring

Technimex has formed a strategic alliance with SebaKMT. SebaKMT is a leader for innovative water
monitoring solutions and leak pinpointing products.
For over 70 years SebaKMT has been a reliable partner to many customers throughout the world.
Their products make an important contribution to the reliable operation of customer‘s installations.
The easy-to-use and well-designed products convince with accuracy and ruggedness.

With the SEBA equipment and know-how we can easily find leaks, measure flow, pressure and water
temperature, monitor and control the water infrastructural network.

We offer the following services:
– Pipe network Monitoring

– Pressure & Flow measurement

– Noise level & frequency logger

– Correlators

– Ground microphone

– Network monitoring software 

Once leaks are found we can determine which District Metering Area is most suitable for implementing the Technimex solution for drastically reducing water losses without replacing the pipes. We like to start small with a pilot project and then we can easily upscale-