About us

Technimex International BV is a family owned Dutch company, founded in 2006, now exporting worldwide to over 25 countries. The owner and founder, Mr. Tom Postma, originally an automotive engineer, has been in management positions since 1997 for the largest valve producers in Europe till he established his own company in 2006.

Technimex International BV started as a valves and fittings supplier but along the way we found that water utilities are more and more looking for solutions rather than just hardware that is widely available. This has lead us to join forces with a Dutch specialised software producer and the number one leak detecting and monitoring equipment producer from Germany, enabling us, as the first company in the world, to present a total solution to reduce Non Revenue Water without replacing the pipes. 

Water resources worldwide are drying out, climate change is enhancing this. Governments are investing in large water reservoirs, in desalination plants and water recycling. However, in many countries governments are rarely investing in renewing the old pipe network, resulting in a 35% leakage on average worldwide! Privatization of water companies has even made things worse, as these companies are aiming to please their shareholders rather than their customers. A large part of the preciously won drinking water is draining trough the pipes into the soil. What a waste! 

We as Technimex International BV are fully committed to making potable water available for everyone as this is a basic right and life cannot exist without water.